Monday, February 18, 2013

Contact with PJ2/N0VD

So, I wanted to try out my new home-brew wire antenna.  I had some speaker wire lying around that I  cut to 28ft and 16ft.  I found the lengths in a KX3 post on Elecraft's reflector. The 28 is my antenna and the 16 is for a counterpoise. I attached one end of the wire antenna to a GPS friction mount and hurled it onto the roof like a Frisbee.
I attached the other end to the connector on my KX3 along with the 16 ft counterpoise running out the back door onto the grass in the back yard. 

I kicked on my KX3 hit the Auto Tune and it tuned down to 1.3-1.  I checked the 10m band and found a station transmitting on 28.425.   Loud and clear I could hear N0VD in Curacao transmitting as PJ2/N0vd.  He was working a good pileup and I had my doubts but I set my KX3 to 5watts.  To my surprise he came back with my call and we were able to confirm the contact.  Its amazing that you can do so much with so little.  The KX3 is truly an amazing little machine!

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