Sunday, November 17, 2013


Fall is falling behind and winter is fast approaching.  So Kendall and I decided since we had a free Saturday to head out and activate!  Our target was Blanket Mountain W4T/SU-020  Blanket Mountain is a 4609 ft peak in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

We gained access to Blanket Mountain by heading to Elkmont in the Smokey Mountains.  We started at the trail head of Jakes Creek Trail and continued south along the creek.  The trail was well maintained and not too steep.  We followed Jakes Creek for 3.7 miles until we hit Jakes Gap.  Below you will see the trail sign that marks the gap.
This is where it got interesting.  From Jakes Gap access to the summit is via a manway, or an unmaintained ex-trail.  The manway was easy to find but there were stretches of mountain laurel that slowed our progress.  The fall and winter seasons are the time to attempt this summit.  I imagine the underbrush would make the manway very difficult in the summer.  After a 4.7 mile hike we reached the summit.  There is a small clearing with the remains of a Rangers cabin.  I set up and made many contacts.  Thanks to all the chasers!

Date:16/Nov/2013 Summit:W4T/SU-020 (Blanket Mountain) Call Used:KK4NQQ Points: 10 Bonus: 0   

19:14zK8OLD14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:15zVE2XMP14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:22zW5ODS14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:24zAJ5C14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:25zK5WI14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:26zK1MAZ14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:27zKC4ATU14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:27zW6UB14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:28zKG3W14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:28zW1DMH14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain STS
19:28zN7UN14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:29zKO1U14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:30zKF5J14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:31zW5RST14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:32zW7RV14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:33zAD5A14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:34zNS7P14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:39zK4YA14MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:41zW4DOW7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:42zN4EX7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:42zAE4FZ7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:43zWX4ET7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:43zWA2USA7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:45zNE4TN7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:46zKI4SVM7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:47zK0LAF7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:48zKB2XX7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:48zW6UB7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:54zAC4M7MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:58zK5RWP18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:59zK0NO18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
19:59zK1JJJ18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:00zAB7YL18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:01zW0MNA18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:01zW0ERI18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:02zKA5PVB18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:04zK7NIT18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain STS
20:05zK7ATN18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain STS
20:06zKO1U18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:08zWD0H18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
20:09zWA6RIC18MHzSSBBlanket Mountain
It was a tough hike for Kendall and if anyone was watching our APRS track you can attest to our slow pace.  As you can see she did make it to the summit and helped a great deal as I activated.
It was a great day for SOTA.