Thursday, September 3, 2015

Finally Time to Myself

Work has been the all consuming monster devouring every bit of free time I have had.  K9 training, a short staffed department, and overtime have been my life for the past month or two.  It truly drains the soul.  Add to that the anti law enforcement issues, and the death of so many officers recently, have made me want to get away from civilization.  Fortunately, today I had the opportunity to strap on a ruck and head out into the woods.

My travels today have taken me back to Huckleberry Knob.  Such a wonderfully beautiful Knob, I never will tire of it.  Here is a video from one of my prior activation's here!

I decided today to bring an old friend to the mountain.  My large ALICE pack.

This pack has seen many miles, fallen from C-130's, and carried more weight than I can measure.  I took it out of service some time back due to a broken frame.  But a trip to Amazon has brought new life to my old ruck.  Once I arrived on the mountain I lifted a strap to shoulder, and I knew I was home.  There is nothing like the tug of an ALICE pack on your shoulders.  I am a bit of a gear-ophile and love some of my newer packs.  But there is just something about ALICE.

The hike up Huckleberry is an easy one, and would make a great "starter" summit.  A false summit offers some views of the top of Huckleberry.  Below is a look at the false summit from the top.

 The open meadows make for some great opportunities for photographs, such as below.

Now normally I would be using my Nikon D5300.  But.... I tried to snap my first picture and found that I had forgotten my SD card in my laptop.  Bummer.  But I am lucky that the Samsung Note 3 takes pretty good photos.

 I fired up the KX3 and started sending 10w out of my 88ft inverted V.  A short time later W4DOW answered back.  Thanks Dow!  A flurry of callers followed.  Thanks to everyone.  Especially W7RV.  You were a great help as I bounced around the bands.  We even made some great contacts on 15m and 12m, but 10m proved too difficult.

Date:03/Sep/2015 Summit:W4C/WM-011 (Huckleberry Knob) Call Used:KK4NQQ Points: 10 

Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:05z W4DOW 7MHz SSB 59 59
14:07z W8EZE 7MHz SSB 55 59
14:08z KA3WOD 7MHz SSB 59 59
14:10z N4EX 7MHz SSB 59 58
14:11z N4MJ 7MHz SSB 59 59
14:11z AA4IT 7MHz SSB 59 58
14:11z K4MF 7MHz SSB 55 55
14:12z KJ4ZFK 7MHz SSB 59 59
14:13z NE4TN 7MHz SSB 59 59
14:14z WG8Y 7MHz SSB 59 57
14:16z KC9TTR 7MHz SSB 44 57
14:18z WY4E 7MHz SSB 33 57
14:20z AD4IE 7MHz SSB 59 59
14:23z W7RV 14MHz SSB 59 56
14:26z W0MNA 14MHz SSB 55 56
14:27z NG6R 14MHz SSB 55 43
14:28z K7ZO 14MHz SSB 59 54
14:28z W0ERI 14MHz SSB 55 56
14:29z K8TE 14MHz SSB 57 44
14:30z WG0AT 14MHz SSB 22 55 THE GOAT!!
14:34z KB1RJC 14MHz SSB 59 55
14:35z KA4QQA 14MHz SSB 58 59
14:38z KD9BMD 14MHz SSB 59 57
14:40z K6HPX 14MHz SSB 44 53
14:41z W7RV 21MHz SSB 58 57
14:46z NG6R 21MHz SSB 59 56
14:49z W7RV 24MHz SSB 59 58
15:26z WX4ET 7MHz SSB 55 55


W0MNA and W0ERI  some of my best chasers

A few more of my best chasers  KJ4ZFK

Just as I was getting ready to pack up I walked around a bit snapping a few cell phone pics.  My phone miraculously received signal, and I found a text from WX4ET.  Home sick, he asked if I was still on the summit.  I powered up the KX3 again and we made a contact on 40m.  Glad we could make the contact!

I packed up and headed home.  It was a great return to Huckleberry Knob.  On the way back I had a great opportunity for a photo.  This guy followed me for a good way down the path.  He would stop on a flower, but when I came close he would fly off.  Finally he gave me the opportunity for a photograph.

Thanks again to all the chasers out there.  I hope to activate Max Patch next Monday.

Until then stay safe out there brothers and sisters.


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