Sunday, February 8, 2015

North America Summit to Summit Weekend 2015

What a great day for SOTA!  Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to venture out yesterday.  It seems the Summit to Summit Saturday was awesome.  I spent the day with my wife Kendall.  We purchased her Valentines Day gift.  A new rifle! A Savage in Muddy Girl Camo!  I had worked the previous nine days and I believe if I had skipped out on the wife for a summit she would have changed the locks on me.

I was up early Sunday morning, packed my rucksack, and headed out the door.  My destination was 

Mount Roosevelt W4T/RV-038

Mount Roosevelt is an easy drive up summit.  It has excellent cell service, and a few concrete tables to activate on.  There are several transmission towers and a fire tower.  I was treated to some interesting QRM from time to time.  A few of the cars passing by my antenna were putting off a great deal of noise.  One Ford Explorer in particular was very noisy.  

 I brought along my camera and decided to try shooting some video.  I will post a video of my antenna and radio setup and some activation tid bits.  I was all over the bands today in an attempt to log as many Summit to Summit as possible.  I ended up with nine including one S to S in Scotland! 10m was going very strong today.  I logged over 20 DX chasers today.  Some of the countries included Germany, England, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, and Poland.  
All on 10 watts SSB! 
Loving it! 

Thanks again to all the chasers today!

73's and Keep Climbing!!!!