Saturday, August 10, 2013


So like many of you I placed my order for the new 100w powerhouse amp from Elecraft the KXPA100 some time ago.  I have spent many a sleepless night on pins and needles waiting for this wondrous little box of happiness.  This afternoon after rubbing my Rabbits Foot, finding a cricket in the house, and picking up a penny I heard a knock at the door.  Guess what I found!

IT finally arrived!!!  

It arrived in a gilded cardboard box emblazoned with the Elecraft logo.  To my surprise the wonderful people at Elecraft had shipped the KXPA100 by USPS Same Second Delivery.  As you all know noone is faster than the United States Post Office.  I rushed inside and tore open the box and was like

 Ok awesome cant even begin to describe it!  I was stunned.  It was finally in my hands!  After months and months and months of reading posts like,

"KXPA100 - Any experiences with it yet?"

  "shipping. 100 watt linear for kx3"

" KXPA100 for SOTA"

"KXPA100 Will it Blend"

"KXPA100 The Second Coming!"



  I wasted no time and prepared my KX3.  Another piece of magical Elecraft hardware!

NO!  Not that KX3 Silly!

Ok so with my Elecraft gear set I knew I needed one hell of a power source.  I pulled out my trusty 

Imagine IMJ15000.  Thats right this puppy is powered by pure Imagination

All that hardware and my 3786' towering antenna  

In no time I was hooked up and pumping in 13.8v of pure imagination and putting out 100w of nonstop awesomeness!

I tuned around the bands and made the following contacts.

Luke WF0RCE 
We had a great QSO.  Mostly it involved talking about his father and some old guy named Ben.  Luke has some great propagation.  He says the binary star system is in a great sunspot cycle and he can easily talk to any galaxy far far away.

Next was Jean-Luc  NCC1D 
He was operating aboard a Cruise ship I think.  I received a long winded dissertation about something called the Prime Directive.  He finally said he had to go and make some tea, I told him Make it So.

Finally I got the chance to talk to Anakin  VA1DER
Tough contact!  There was this intermittent breathing sound which made it a very hard QSO.  He also said his primary antenna had been taken out recently.  Something about his kid hitting it with a proton torpedo.  Despite his problems we were able to make the contact.  Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side...

What a grrrrreat day!  This new amp is an excellent piece of hardware! Elecraft as usual has distributed high quality equipment.  So than you Elecraft!! 

Finally I will leave all of you with this little nugget of knowledge.

So sit back everyone, enjoy a pint, and realize mmmmmm this beer is goooood!

73's Everyone and Keep Climbing!!

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