Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Found new cases for the KX3 and Battery Today

Well I was out running some errands, and looking for a pair of waterproof Gortex socks, and I ran across these gems.  They are Polycarbonate Waterproof Cases from Plano.

They come in three sizes and I picked up the small and medium variety.  I had checked the dementions at the store and found that my 8400 Zippy would fit in the small one and my KX3 into the medium.  When I got home I found that they were an excellent fit. 

The battery as you can see is a perfect fit.  It is exactly the type of protection I was looking for. The KX3 below was also a great fit.  Inside the case is a rubber floor that is removable.  I found that I could store some items under it.  The only thing I cant fit is the cheap set of Sony headphones I use.

As you can see both cases fit in the radio pouch for my pack.  I like the idea of the added protection for my KX3.  Again I am trading a little bit of weight for a lot more protection.  I think it is worthwhile tradeoff.

I also added some sheepskin seat-belt covers to my rucksack straps.  I found these some time ago and finally got around to mounting them.  They are verrryyyyy comfy.
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